Movie Freaks! ;) (Tell me your Top Five)

Hi there everyone,

                                      Okay so my first post made me sound like a very serious and pretentious person but i really am interested in going with that plan ( . 

                                       On a lighter note, I am a movie FREAK and not at all ashamed to admit to it. So here’s a chance to share your top 5 favorite movies. They can be from any genre and from Hollywood as those are the ones I’m most familiar with but other movie industries are fun too 😀

                                       Very eager to know your choices! 😀 



A New Chapter!

Hi there everyone, 

                                     So, I’m new to WordPress and would like to use this as an opportunity to give just that extra tip or advice on relationships may it be with your parents, boyfriend/ girlfriend or anyone any one for that matter. I know that asking for advice from a complete stranger may seem *stupid* to a lot of people but on the other hand you might just get an un-biased and completely different point of view on the problem you’re facing. I hope to make this blog a ‘go-to’ place for all the people out there just so you have the one person *me* to turn to when in need. I’d like to keep it as informal as possible as that would only make it easier for all of us.
      Hope you’re having an amazing day and hope I get to know you more! J

– Darkvistasway.

P.s- It goes without saying but I will say it anyway, all of this will be very confidential and in no way will I ever jeopardize your secrets.